Comprehensive KID generator for PRIIPs – generating reports and calculating computational indicators.

Three innovative collaboration models from full outsourcing to API data generation

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Do you sell investment products to your customers?

You need a KID for each of your products.

The vision of manually creating a large number of documents containing key information scares you?

Use our automated generator!

PRIIP key data calculation, distribution and document management all in one place

We combine experience of investment fund management and new IT technology and advanced analytics-driven solutions


What do you gain by using the KID generator for PRIIPs?


Key product features

  Save time by fully automating KID generation processes
  Automatic creation of KID documents on demand throughout the product lifecycle
  Automatic creation of KIDs for PRIIPs with calculated key risk and return values and other static and dynamic content
  Automatic collection of data from the client
  Reports available in Word and PDF formats
  The application works in the SaaS (Software as a Service) 
  Communication integration capabilities via SFTP and API
  Archiving of created KID documents for 10 years
  Automatic e-mail distribution of documents according to designated roles
  Ensuring branding on documents
  Predefined text

We are upgrading our product with more elements!


Availability of generated KIDs in multiple languages


Ability to edit document descriptions


Document approval process


Full change history logging to KID documents

See how easy it is to implement our solution

The KID service for PRIIPs is available in two flexible collaboration models


Standard service

Includes automatic generation of KID documents based on content provided by the client. The investor is responsible for providing a template of documents with the content of the product description. We, on the other hand, take care of the calculation and automatic generation of the final KID document.


Calculation support - "Calculation Engine" service

"Calculation Engine" is a service implemented through a dedicated API, through which the client receives a set of numerical data (in real time). Based on such calculations, it updates the KID independently and on its own.


What will you gain with our support?

  Fixed subscription to update KID documents and 18 KID updates per year
  The subscription fee depends on the number of funds and the number of share classes to be upgraded
  Independence from the frequency of KID changes
  State-of-the-art methods for calculating KID quantitative measures for PRIIPs
  Flexible cooperation in 2 operational models
  Predictable pricing
  You will save time and costs
that you would have to spend on independent activities


Frequently asked questions

Sample Questions & Answers

What is the PRIIP regulation?

EU Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014 on key information documents for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products is also known as PRIIPs. It was approved by the European Parliament and the Council on 26 November 2014. The Regulation is the first significant milestone in new investor protection legislation introduced by the EU in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

What are the objectives of the PRIIPs regulation?

PRIIPs are part of the European Union's drive to increase transparency and efficiency in the retail investment market. The EU wants to help consumers (i.e. non-professionals) better understand the investments they buy and, as a result, make it easier for consumers to navigate through the retail investment market.

What are KIDs for PRIIPs?

A Key Information Document (KID) is a three-page document outlining the risks and costs of an investment. It acts as a kind of quick product guide, the scope of which it includes. The KID must follow strict design and content guidelines, be written in at least one official language of each country where the product is sold, and be regularly reviewed and updated.

Who needs to receive a KID?

Any retail investor based in the European Economic Area (EEA) must obtain KID from institutions (including non-EU banks and insurance companies) that sell retail investment products.

Who produces KIDs?

It is the responsibility of the product developer to create and maintain the document. Meanwhile, retail advisers who sell these products to end consumers are required to ensure that their client receives the documents at the pre-sale stage. This principle applies even in execution-only online environments, such as mobile online banking applications, where the advisor is not physically present.

When did the PRIIP regulation go into effect?

PRIIPs went into effect on 31 December 2017, which means that financial institutions are required to produce and distribute compliant KIDs beginning 1 January 2018.

Which financial products fall under the PRIIPs regulation?

The regulation applies to any investment product for retail clients – such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), or structured products. In total, many millions of instruments are affected. UCITS funds will also join from 1 January 2023.

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